JMKSP (Jurnal Manajemen, Kepemimpinan, dan Supervisi Pendidikan) 2023-05-24T16:23:36+00:00 Happy Fitria Open Journal Systems <p>JMKSP (Jurnal Manajemen, Kepemimpinan, dan Supervisi Pendidikan) is managed and published by Graduate Program Universitas PGRI Palembang. This journal is published 2 times per year (June and December) with E-ISSN 2614-8021 and P-ISSN 2548-7094. This journal focuses on Science of Education, Leadership, Educational Management/Administration and Supervision. This journal has been accredited by Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology and indexed in SINTA categorized in S3. This journal has been also registered in Crossref system with Digital Object Identifier 10.31851/jmksp</p> The Importance of Kyai Charismatic Leadership in the Formation of Akhlakul Karimah 2023-03-05T09:00:06+00:00 Sri Rahayuningsih Andi Setiawan Andi Warisno An An Andari M Afif Anshori <p>The goal of this research is to examine the role of charismatic kyai leadership in the moral development of students at Al Ishlah Islamic Boarding School. To investigate what factors, help and hinder the charismatic kyai's leadership in the moral formation of students at Al Ishlah Islamic Boarding School. This is a descriptive qualitative study. Data is gathered through interviews, observations, and documentation. Analysis data were done through data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. Based on the findings, it can be concluded that the kiai's role as a boarding school caretaker, example, parents, leader, and motivator. Characters formed include students who care about the environment, discipline, responsibility, independence, religion, and hard work. The existence of good management performance, the involvement of the Islamic Boarding School family, and the support of the community and government in the Islamic Boarding School are all supporting factors. Inhibiting factors include a lack of belonging to Islamic boarding schools' facilities and infrastructure, a lack of parental understanding of Islamic boarding school regulations, and the influence of children outside the boarding school.</p> 2023-03-04T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Analysis of Natural Gas Network Development Policy for Households 2023-02-17T09:11:52+00:00 Eka Septria Jaya Vishnu Juwono <p>Based on data (ESDM, 2022), the realization of the construction of a natural gas network for households means that in 2021 there will only be 799,000 house connections (<em>sambungan rumah</em>/SR). This shows that the target of the National Energy General Plan (RUEN) cannot be fulfilled even by half by 2021. RUEN's target for the construction of natural gas networks in 2025 is 4.7 million house connections. Departing from these problems, researchers conducted an analysis of the natural gas network development policy for households. This research was conducted using the literature review method. The results of the study found that there were several obstacles to the implementation of natural gas development policies for households. These constraints are resources, communication, disposition, and bureaucratic structure. However, the most significant impediment is a lack of budgetary resources to complete the construction of natural gas networks for households. </p> 2023-03-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Pharmaceutical Industry Independence Strategy in Supporting Defense Economic Post-Covid-19 2023-03-06T07:19:17+00:00 Risma Wati Isnaeniah Lukman Yudho Prakoso Guntur Eko Saputro <p>This article talks about health is one type of non-military threat that can disrupt the stability of a country. This is evidenced by the Covid-19 pandemic which has had a domino effect on the economic, social, and political fields of all countries in the world, including Indonesia. This article found handling Covid-19 on the health side is the availability of health workers, medical devices, and medicines. One of the obstacles faced is the limited stock of drugs due to the stagnant supply of medicinal raw materials from abroad, while 90-95% of the medicinal raw materials used by the pharmaceutical industry are still imported. With this experience, the independence of the pharmaceutical industry must be achieved without depending on foreign countries and achieving domestic resilience. In achieving this, various obstacles and barriers must be faced by the government by setting the right strategies and policies. In addition, a collaboration between the government and the pharmaceutical industry is needed so that the implementation of realizing the independence of the pharmaceutical industry is achieved effectively and efficiently.</p> 2023-03-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 The Influence of Work Motivation, Organizational Culture and Work Discipline on Employee Performance Through Job Satisfaction as Intervening Variables at BPJS Ketenagakerjaan throughout DKI Jakarta Region 2023-03-06T15:16:32+00:00 Muhammad Azis Junaedi Kumba Digdowiseiso <p>Rewards and motivation are one of the most important instruments in employee performance. Other variables are also included in a study to determine the positive or negative effect of a level of employee satisfaction, where these factors affect the performance of employees working in a company. While the factors that affect job satisfaction can come from the individual itself, social factors, the main job faced and also external factors. Another problem faced by companies in general is the difficulty in measuring the factors that affect employee performance. So, through the questionnaire variables in the form of work motivation, organizational culture and work discipline, measurements are carried out by processing data using the SEM method so that the intervention value will be published as a satisfaction level value that affects employee performance level values. The data collection method used in this study was by using a questionnaire method which was distributed to 300 respondents, namely BPJS Employment employees in the entire DKI Jakarta area. With the results of calculating the average descriptive analysis of the 3 dependent variables, namely work motivation variable 4.79, organizational culture variable 4.93 and work discipline variable 4.86. While the results of the analysis of employee performance variables were 4.94 and the results of the analysis of job satisfaction variables were 4.75. So, it means that motivation, organizational culture and work discipline have a positive effect on job satisfaction and performance<em>.</em></p> 2023-03-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Institutionalized Association of Southeast Asian Nations-Our Eyes Cooperation at the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia Within the Framework of Defense Diplomacy 2023-03-04T02:35:45+00:00 Merjames Pakpahan Purnomo Yusgiantoro Jonni Mahroza Herlina JR Saragih <p>Institutional which is made into the rule of game and organization, has a very important and decisive role in making arrangements in allocating resources efficiently, equitably and sustainably. The dimension aspect of organizational structure has three sub-dimensions namely complexity, formalization, and centralization. This research uses explanative qualitative methods. Data collection was obtained through secondary sources and analyzed by means of data comparison, verification, and drawing conclusions. The ASEAN Our Eyes organization as an institution in the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia which has begun its formation but is still looking for a format that can run effectively and efficiently carry out its mission in order to safeguard Indonesia's national interests in the operationalization of bilateral and multilateral cooperation within the framework of defense diplomacy. Efforts to institutionalize ASEAN Our Eyes in the dimensions of a modern organizational structure, through a review of several sub-dimensions, are based on short-term needs. The discussion in this study will provide an overview of the design of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense's ASEAN Our Eyes institutional model, which is effective in achieving national interests in all future forms of defense cooperation.</p> 2023-03-07T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JMKSP (Jurnal Manajemen, Kepemimpinan, dan Supervisi Pendidikan) Development of Historical and Religious Tourism in Spatial Planning Towards the Utilization of Local Wisdom Potentials in Penyengat Island 2023-03-07T07:34:17+00:00 Suwindar Agung Sutianto Yuanita FD Sidabutar M Ismael P Sinaga <p>The development of the tourism sector based on local wisdom, in supporting a sustainable tourism sector on Penyengat Island, especially historical and religious tourism, namely mosques, chair hills and tombs is urgently needed. The application of community-based tourism on Penyengat Island can be carried out in three stages, namely, the planning stage, the implementation stage and the evaluation stage. With the implementation of community-based tourism, the development of the tourism sector on Penyengat Island can run smoothly and still maintain the preservation of sustainable local wisdom, besides Therefore, with the development of a sustainable tourism sector, the lives of the people around it can be more prosperous and can increase income for the surrounding community. The results of the research show that the development of religious tourism on Penyengat Island as sustainable tourism is very feasible to develop, this is evidenced by the existence of a Regional Regulation concerning the Spatial Planning for the Riau Archipelago Province 2017-2037 as a legal basis as well as a commitment to sustainable development, community involvement in decision making and Management of religious tourism facilities and pre-facilities has existed before, such as tombs, mosques and historical buildings. Efforts to optimize the development of sustainable religious tourism are developing the concept of a cultural city, increasing regional security, improving infrastructure and drainage in some places, providing religious tourism attractions as new and more attractive additional attractions.</p> 2023-03-07T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 The Impact of Teacher’s Competence and Academic Supervision on the Effectiveness of Sekolah Penggerak 2023-03-12T15:47:34+00:00 Samari Samari Muhammad Kristiawan Happy Fitria <p>This study aims to examine whether there is a significant effect of teacher’s competence and academic supervision either partially or simultaneously on school effectiveness in <em>Sekolah Penggerak </em>(Driving School) Senior High School level in Palembang City. To achieve this goal, a quantitative approach is used. Data were collected using questionnaires, documentation, and observation. The results of the study show that teacher’s competence and academic supervision have a significant effect on school effectiveness both partially and simultaneously. The novelty of this research lies in the location and study that focuses on <em>Sekolah Penggerak</em>. This research contributes to teachers and the community in proving the magnitude of the influence of teacher’s competence and academic supervision on school effectiveness and helps socialize the <em>Sekolah Penggerak</em> program which is considered as a new government policy.</p> 2023-02-13T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 The Effect of LDR Ratio, CAR Ratio and BOPO Ratio on ROA in Conventional Banking on the Indonesia Stock Exchange Period 2015-2020 2023-03-12T15:54:07+00:00 Hasanudin Hasanudin Dipa Teruna Awaloedin Nur Apriyati <p>This study aims to analyze the effect of the variables measured by the LDR Ratio, CAR Ratio and BOPO Ratio on ROA of Conventional Banking on the Indonesia Impact Exchange for the 2015-2020 period. This study uses 14 conventional banks on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the 2015-2020 period. The illustration method used is purposive sampling and 10 industries are obtained. This research uses secondary information in the form of financial statements that meet the criteria, the data obtained from the financial statements are obtained from the Indonesia Stock Exchange which can be accessed through <a href=""></a>&nbsp;. The analytical procedure used in this study is Linear Regression of panel data using the SPSS 25 program. The results of this study show that LDR and BOPO have a significant effect on ROA, while the CAR ratio has no effect on ROA.</p> 2023-03-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Islamic Education and Muslim Revival Indonesian Association of Muslim Intellectuals 2023-03-14T16:21:08+00:00 Udin Udin Raden Mas Sopian An An Andari Andi Setiawan <p>This qualitative study tells the emergence of ICMI as a new political force in Indonesian politics cannot be divorced from its advantages and disadvantages. In moderation, pro circles believe that the emergence of ICMI is, on the one hand, a strategy for the government with its interests, but on the other hand, Muslims can benefit from it. Meanwhile, those who oppose ICMI argue that if it becomes too close to the bureaucracy, it will exacerbate the symptoms of exclusivism and elitism and may even damage the roots of Islamic culture that have been painstakingly built thus far. Furthermore, ICMI was criticized as a tool for election success, allowing Suharto to be re-elected President. ABRI, which played an important political role from the beginning of independence until the New Order, appears to have responded to the rise of Islamic groups, particularly with regard to the birth of ICMI.</p> 2023-03-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Designing the Integration of Science in Madrasas 2023-03-16T14:55:29+00:00 Suradi Suradi <p>The goal of this research is to determine how far the process of integrating knowledge in madrasas has progressed, as well as to provide solutions to maximize knowledge integration in madrasas. The author conducts library research using a qualitative descriptive approach, which consists of collecting books related to the object of research or research that is library in nature. According to the findings of research on the integration of science in madrasas, there are at least three priority issues that must be addressed by madrasas in order for the integration of science to achieve ideal results. Curriculum, teaching staff, and learning resources are three examples.</p> 2023-03-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 The Importance of Great Women’s Leadership as Primary Educators in Families 2023-03-21T01:27:51+00:00 Siti Ma’rifah Antoni Ludfi Arifin Abdul Ghofar Syarief Antaiwan Bowo Pranogyo <p>Based on the findings of a literature research, this article intends to investigate the leadership qualities of a great woman as an educator in the family as perceived through the six value elements of humility, excitement, establishing competences, agility, and tactful. Changes in the millennial period now require that women have equal rights as males in all aspects of life. Women’s successes and skills to date have reinforced the assumption that there are little distinctions between men and women. Women’s leadership and role as primary educators in the home demonstrate their accomplishments and talents. According to the findings of a literature review from various sources, a great woman is a family leader because she is the one who can effectively manage household affairs, raise and educate children in the family, and provide input and suggestions to her husband as part of her role as a family educator.</p> 2023-03-21T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Application of School-Based Management in Improving Quality in Junior High Schools 2023-03-20T16:24:34+00:00 Muhammad Anif <p>The purpose of this qualitative study was to investigate the implementation of Islamic higher education development management in Indonesia. The study’s findings found that, first, the process of establishing school-based management demonstrated how autonomous, on average, school authority implementation is. Second, the use of participatory decision-making revealed a lack of empowerment in the community; and third, the process of implementing school-based management revealed the involvement of school members and the community in participatory decision-making, which generally involved school members and school committees. The fourth concluded that these educational institutions had implemented the accountability principle, but the outcomes varied due to differences in the degree of adherence to rules, customs when performing tasks, their perceptions of the concept of accountability, the school community’s interest in and encouragement of carrying out accountability, and the values held by the school community. Finally, compared to prior years, there was an increase in high-caliber accomplishments in the 2013-2014 academic year, both academic and non-academic.</p> 2023-03-23T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Population Growth and Environmental Damage Issues (A Review of Environmental Damage on Land Conversion Perspective in North Jakarta) 2023-03-20T15:54:37+00:00 A Hadian Pratama Hamzah Nurhasanah Nurhasanah Prabawa Eka Soesanta <p>Population and environmental issues are two things that are not being separated from one another. Humans along with other living creatures are a component of life that always interact with the environment. The ecosystem itself is the order of the ecological elements. This study will describe how the impact of population density on social, economic and ecological aspects of changes in an area undergoing conversion in Jakarta Bay. Literature and comparative studies of results from various sources in journal articles are primary data used as main data in the analysis of population and environmental damage studies. The results of this study describe how the total area of ​​mangrove forest and changes in coastline experienced by shifting caused by the increase in residential areas due to population density in the Jakarta Bay North Jakarta. The study related to changes in the area of ​​mangrove forests and coastlines, especially connected due to residential development from land consumption due to population density in Jakarta Bay.</p> 2023-03-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Principal’s Strategy in Improving Educational Quality 2023-03-28T15:31:14+00:00 Fitria J Yasir Arafat Nuril Furqan <p>The purpose of this research is to discover (1) the principal’s plan for improving educational quality; and (2) the challenges and solutions for executing the principal’s strategy at Bukit Asam Tanjung Enim Muara Enim High School in South Sumatra. A descriptive qualitative technique was used in this investigation. The school principal is the focus of this study. Data were gathered through interviews, observation, and documentation. Data triangulation is used to determine the validity of the data. Milles and Huberman’s interactive analysis was employed as the analytical model. According to the research, the principal’s plan at SMA Bukit Asam Tanjung Enim Muara Enim South Sumatra has a reference, especially by looking at the 8 National Education standards. Attempts to increase the quality of education for school principals via collaboration in the health sector (PMI and local public health center); public universities; tutoring; state apparatus (civil and military resort command); and the surrounding community. Teachers who did not support and limited communication were hurdles. Teacher training and online communication are the necessary solutions.</p> 2023-03-28T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Indonesian EFL Pre-Service Teachers’ Challenges and Solutions in Distance Learning Context 2023-04-04T16:17:54+00:00 Azmi Ellah Syaniah Rahmah Fithriani <p>Since the Covid-19 phenomenon until the present, distance learning has become a common learning method. This learning method makes participation in the learning activity easier and more superficial for students, as the activity can be completed anywhere via online platforms and devices such as laptops and smartphones. However, many students still face obstacles when learning through this mode, which necessitates the development of solutions. While research on the challenges and solutions of distance learning from the perspective of general students has been conducted, little has been conducted from the perspective of Indonesian EFL pre-service teachers. This study, thus aimed to examine the distance learning challenges and solutions encountered by 10 Indonesian EFL pre-service teachers who were invited to be the participants of this study through a purposive sampling technique. The results show that the EFL pre-service teachers face four major challenges in distance learning, namely: network, platform, instruction and interaction, and boredom. As they must engage in distance learning activities, they must implement solutions to the associated difficulties. The solutions are finding a location with a good and stable internet connection, utilizing Wi-Fi, and preparing a backup of internet data, self-teaching or consulting with peers to master the application's functionality, asking the instructors in groups or individually, and being self-motivated. This study suggests that the government, educators, and parents must assist them.</p> 2023-04-12T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Utilizing the Potential of Local Wisdom and Infrastructure Development of Old village of Tiangwangkang, Tembesi Sub-District, Batam City 2023-04-04T16:07:43+00:00 Delpra Yandi Kurnia Rakhman Viven Martan Yuanita FD Sidabutar <p>Indonesia is a country located in Southeast Asia and has more than 17,000 islands in it. One of the provinces in the form of islands is the Riau Archipelago Province which is close to Singapore and Malaysia, so that many tourists also visit the province, such as Batam City. In Batam City there are several tourist objects such as the Batam Botanical Garden, Welcome to Batam, and also Ocarina Park. Apart from tourist attractions in the city center, Batam City also has beach tourism destinations such as Melayu Beach, Melur Beach and many other beaches. Old village can also be an option for tourists to visit because there are many cultural values ​​of local wisdom that are still maintained and preserved in it. One of them is the Old village of Tiangwangkang which is in the Tembesi Village, Sagulung District. old village of Tiangwangkang has the potential to become a tourist village because it has a strategic area, which is close to the beach and also close to the Barelang Bridge. However, there are several problems in the area such as road problems, street lighting, and also several other public facilities to support the accessibility of the community and tourists later. Therefore, it is necessary to develop infrastructure and also arrange it so that the village is worthy of being a tourist village. This research uses a descriptive method as well as a potential analysis to see the potential of this region. Old village of Tiangwangkang has the potential to become a tourist village because it has local wisdom that is still maintained and has beautiful views. However, to become a tourist village that is appropriate and can prosper the local community, it is necessary to develop infrastructure and arrange it so that the old village of Tianwangkang can become a tourist destination that is comfortable and worth visiting.</p> 2023-04-12T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 The Effect of Digital Literacy and Writing Skills on The Skills of Developing Teaching Materials for Prospective Teacher Students 2023-04-15T23:16:54+00:00 Emidar Vivi Indriyani Ayu Gustia Ningsih <p>Instructional materials are an essential component of the learning process. The use of instructional materials can be tailored to students; requirements and characteristics. Prospective instructors must take courses on the development of teaching materials in order to acquire the skills necessary to create instructional materials. To have the skills to develop teaching materials, other skills are needed to support this, including digital literacy and writing skills for prospective teacher students. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of digital literacy and writing skills on the skills of developing teaching materials for prospective teacher students. This study uses quantitative research methods using causal associative research, namely research that seeks the influence of one variable (independent) with other variables (dependent). The population of this study were 210 students of the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program at UNP BP 2020. The sample selection technique uses purposive sampling. The number of samples obtained were 35 students. The research instrument is in the form of teaching material products, performance tests. Assessment is carried out with the help of an assessment rubric. The data analysis method uses SPSS with the Multiple Regression analysis method. The results of the study show that digital literacy and writing skills have a significant effect on the skills of developing teaching materials for prospective teacher students both collectively and individually.</p> 2023-04-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Price Analysis and Product Reviews on Online Shopping Decisions 2023-05-02T03:44:26+00:00 Rusniati Rusniati Ahsanul Haq <p>This study aims to analyze the effect of prices and product reviews simultaneously on online shopping decisions. Then also analyze the effect of price partially on online shopping decisions and analyze the effect of product reviews partially on online shopping decisions. The population in this study are consumers who have done online shopping. The number of samples is 100 people. The sample technique was purposive sampling and the data analysis technique used multiple linear regression. The results of the study show that price and product reviews have a simultaneous effect on online shopping decisions. Partially, price influences online shopping decisions and product reviews influence online shopping decisions.</p> 2023-05-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Nongsa Development as A Special Economic Zone 2023-03-16T14:58:14+00:00 Jaitul Anwar Yuanita FD Sidabutar Raymond Raymond Rini Lisbet Sitio <p>Space as a local development resource is an alternative input that is permanent and always available in an area. The focus of spatial planning and development is to create spaces that are safe, comfortable, productive, and sustainable and just, one of which is by reducing spatial exclusion and poverty. The development of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) is directed as a trigger for regional growth and development. SEZ consists of one or several Zones including: export processing, logistics, industry, technology development, tourism, energy, and/or other economies. Within the SEZ, supporting facilities can be built for workers and locations for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and cooperatives can be built, both for business actors and as support for the activities of companies within the SEZ area. Nongsa SEZ stipulated on June 8, 2021 through Government Regulation Number 68 of 2021. This Nongsa SEZ is an area determined by the central government to be an area for carrying out economic functions and obtaining certain facilities. Where it is hoped that in 2030 it will be able to bring in investors to Batam City with an investment value of 16 trillion and absorb a workforce of 16,500 people. With the existence of this Nongsa SEZ, the Regional Government, Batam City is expected to be able to prepare both in terms of facilities and its people to compete with other countries. In addition, it is hoped that community readiness can be prepared from an early age to face the Asean Economic Community (AEC).</p> 2023-05-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Literacy Activities as the Role of Library to Improve Character Education in Binjai City Library Office 2023-05-02T03:27:05+00:00 Wida Mulanda Nurhayani Nurhayani <p>One of the library roles becomes a place of learning resources for the community. In addition, the library also plays a role in providing a place to learn for children in the context of character education. This study aims to determine how the role of library to help the improvement of children's character education. This study uses descriptive qualitative research techniques and data collection techniques through observation, interview, and documentation. In this study, we employed data validity test through source triangulation and triangulation techniques. Analysis data used refers to the Miles and Huberman models. This study involved eight informants, consisting of: one Librarian, four library staff, one storyteller, one teacher, and one parent who participated in literacy activities. The results of this study indicates that the library has a role in supporting the growth and development of children, particularly in character development, namely: 1) providing a place for children to learn inside and outside the library, 2) improving character education by reading tourism activities, 3) building the quality of children's literacy and instilling character values through toddler park reading corner activities. According to the research findings from the data obtained from interviews with informants, it reveals that the library roles help to improve character education in Binjai City Library. It can be evidenced from the literacy activities carried out by the library.</p> 2023-05-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 The Customer Purchasing Situation Outcomes of Celebrity Endorsement and Brand Awareness Activities 2023-05-13T06:12:36+00:00 Faidzin Firdhaus Ganjar Ndaru Ikhtiagung Costantein Imanuel Sarapil Igna Findy Vionika <p>The aim of this study was to investigate the role of celebrity endorsement and brand awareness activities on the consumer purchasing situation of halal cosmetic products, especially Wardah brand products. The sample in this study consisted of 384 respondents in Central Java, Indonesia, where the characteristics of the respondent are female or female and consist of several types of nominal data such as age, occupation, income, and education. This survey was conducted on female respondents aged 18–40 years and of course, have purchased or have never purchased Wardah whitening cream products. This study shows that there is a positive influence between celebrity endorsements and brand awareness. Another important finding in the research is that the celebrity endorsement variable has a significant and significant effect on the purchase intentions variable. This study clearly finds that the brand awareness variable has no effect on the purchase intention variable. There is no influence of brand awareness variables on purchase intentions in this research because brand awareness is in the range between feelings of uncertainty about brand recognition. In addition, in the findings of this study, it is known that the brand awareness variable has no role in mediating the relationship between celebrity endorsement variables and purchase intentions.</p> 2023-05-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Teachers’ Perceptions of The Independent Learning Policy at SMP Negeri 4 Lembang Jaya, Solok Regency 2023-05-16T03:16:16+00:00 Nursaid Ayu Gustia Ningsih Aida Fitri Rahman <p>This study examines Teacher Perceptions of the Freedom to Learn Policy, especially regarding the Simplification of Learning Implementation Plans (RPP) at SMP Negeri 4 Lembang Jaya, Solok Regency. The purpose of this study was to find out how the teacher’s perception of the Free Learning Policy regarding the Simplification of Learning Implementation Plans (RPP) at SMP Negeri 4 Lembang Jaya, Solok Regency. In this research, there are 3 formulations of the problem, namely what is the teacher’s perception of the independent learning policy regarding simplification of lesson plans in SMP Negeri 4 Lembang Jaya, Solok Regency, and what are the obstacles faced by teachers in preparing lesson plans, and what are the solutions to these problems. This type of research is descriptive qualitative research. The results showed that teachers’ perceptions of the independent learning policy regarding simplification of lesson plans, namely that the existence of this policy of simplifying lesson plans really helped teachers in terms of administration which did not take much time in preparing lesson plans. Whatever the obstacles in the preparation of lesson plans that will be simplified, namely the lack of socialization and adequate skill abilities by teachers related to writing 1 sheet lesson plans and the different formats in writing lesson plans from the previous curriculum. The solution taken by the school to overcome these obstacles is to hold socialization about writing lesson plans and holding MGMPs every week for each subject teacher.</p> 2023-05-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Indonesian National Defense Strategy in the Asean Region of the 21st Century Based on Defense System and Security Population Demography 2023-05-24T16:23:36+00:00 Yanto S Manurung Syamsul Maarif Tahan Samuel Lumban Toruan Yoedhi Swastanto <p>Given its strategic position between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Indonesia has a very significant strategic interest and role in shaping the ASEAN Region. The proximity of Indonesia's position to one of the main conflict flashpoints in the ASEAN Region, namely the South China Sea (LCS), makes Indonesia vulnerable to spillover effects arising from various possible incidents and conflicts in the region. To safeguard its interests, Indonesia must be able to play its strategic role in ensuring a stable, safe and peaceful ASEAN Region during conflicts of interest of other countries in the region. To advance Indonesia's national interests in the region, diplomatic steps taken by Indonesia must be complemented and supported by strategic steps in the defense sector. Indonesia has long adhered to the Total People's Defense and Security System (the Universal People's Defense and Security System, hereinafter referred to as Sishankamrata) as the basis of its national defense policy. Sishankamrata contains core values ​​and principles that guide the formulation and implementation of Indonesia's national defense policy. Sishankamrata is embodied in the doctrine, strategy, and posture of Indonesia's national defense As a strategic defense concept, Sishankamrata must remain relevant and suitable to deal with a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous strategic environment (VUCA), while at the same time contributing to the advancement of Indonesia's national interests.</p> 2023-05-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023