Manuscript Requirements:

1. The length of manuscript is not more than 20 pages.

2. The title of the manuscript shall be no more than 15 words and shall reflect the contents of the manuscript, followed by the author's name and author's institute.

3. Abstract no more than 250 words.

4. Brief Introduction describes the background of the research problem and objectives of the study.

5. Materials and methods are clearly described. New techniques and modification methods need to be described in more detail. The standard method simply include references.

6. Results and Discussion is briefly and clearly described. Results are presented using Table or Picture and are not repeated in text. Table is made one space with the same letter with text, no vertical line, super clip, illustration / picture sent as many as 3 pieces, one of which original must be sharp enough to be reproduced.

7. Conclusions are briefly summarized by considering the title of the manuscript, intent and purpose, and the results of the research. Suggestions are included if needed.

8. Acknowledgments if written no more than 40 words.

9. The refference should be mentioned in the text with the name of the family or the author's last name and year publication, written a Wang (1985) or (Wang, 1985). For refference more than two authors, first author is firstly mentioned followed by et. al.for foreign authors. The bibliographies are listed in alphabetical order without sequence number: author name, publishing year, article title, title of book, name and number of journal, publisher and city where published, and number of pages / page numbers, written as follows:

Lauwery, R.R., and P. Hoet. 1993. Industrial Chemical Exposure Guidelines for Biological Monitoring, 2nd. Ed. Lewis Publisher. Boca Raton. Florida. 318pp.

Skidmore, J.P. 1970.  Respiratory and Osmoregulation in Rrainbow Trout Damage with Zinc Sulfate. Journal of Experimental Biology. 52: 481-494.

Adnan, R., M.N. Mohamad , dan H. Setan. 2003. Multiple Outlier Detection Procedure in Linier Regression. Diakses pada tanggal 22 Januari 2008. in January 2006.

10. Unpublished reference can be used as references, but they should be included in the text (for example, Suparno, not published).

11. Unusual acronyms or abbreviations are written complete on the first skin and then written abbreviation only. Unusual abbreviations should be avoided unless they often appear in the text.

12. Latin names, families, and species firstly written together with their common name. Furthermore, the name is generally written.

13. International Unit systems should be used for all units.