Sumatran Pale Hedge Blue Udara dilecta neodilecta (Corbet, 1937) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) in Kerinci Highlands, a southernmost record




Lycaeninae, Udara, Sumatra


Two tiny individuals of Sumatra Pale Hedge Blue Udara dilecta neodilecta (Fruhstorfer, 1910) were observed and documented on 18 August 2014 in Lake Kaco of Kerinci Highlands, Jambi Province. This butterfly was determined using appropriate guides. Finding of Udara d. neodilecta represent a southernmost record  (020S) for this Sumatran endemic subspecies in its range.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Iqbal, Sriwijaya University

Biology Program

Arum Setiawan, Sriwijaya University

Department of Biology

Indra Yustian, Sriwijaya University

Department of Biology


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