Author Guidelines


  1. JOLMA Publishes scientific papers and research results in scientific studies of sports, good education, coaching, and so on in developing theories and concepts that have never been developed. This journal (1) New Information Collection, (2) data analysis
  2. Writing the manuscript in English correctly. Manuscript length between 7-20 pages, A4 size paper, typed in 1.5 spaces, Times New Roman font, font size 12, top and left margins 4 cm, right and bottom 3 cm
  3. The manuscript is written in a systematic manner and the following condition.
    1. Title: written briefly, concisely, consisting of 5-15 words, and using Indonesian, must change the scientific substance described in the body of the article. The main title (main title) and sub-title (subtitle) are selected with two dots. Decorative article title 15 mm below the top edge, in bold capital-lower case. The title of the section is ranked 1 times all capital, average left edge, thick, rank 2 times small capital, average left edge, thick; Rank 3 times small-capital, average left edge, bold-slanted.
    2. Author's name: The name of the author of the article written without academic permission or any degree. The full name with the academic degree can be written at the bottom of the first page of the article. The name of the institution where the author works also makes a footnote on the first page. If there are more than three authors, only the main author is listed under the title; other authors' names are written in footnotes. accompanied by emaill and affiliation.
    3. Abstract scientific / conceptual study articles are a consolidation of the contents of articles published by the author using Indonesian and English. Abstract, research results, problems, objectives, methods, and research results. Abstract consists of 150-250 words arranged in one paragraph with a non-enumerative essay format, and is typed with a single space and a format that is more complicated than the main text.
    4. Keywords consist of 3-5 words, namely terms that represent basic ideas or concepts discussed in the use of scientific work. Keywords usually consist of basic words or words that stand alone (singular) instead of a series of words.
    5. The result manuscript is rewritten in the order of (1) title, (2) author's name, (3) abstract, (4) keywords, (5) introductory section which must end with a brief formula (1-2 sentences) on the main points which will be discussed and the purpose of the discussion. The research articles contain (a) the formulation of the problem, (b) the objectives, and (c) a brief description of the discussion in the introduction, (6) the contents of the research method, (b) the research results, and (c) the discussion. (8) conclusions and suggestions, (9) bibliography.
    6. Manuscript goes beyond the research results which are written in the order of (1) title, (2) author's name, (3) abstract, (4) keywords, (5) introduction to published background and problem formulation, (6) Method, (7) Result and Discussion, (8)conclusion, and (8) bibliography.
    7. Tables and pictures / charts are successfully printed on one page, numbers and titles of tables and figures are printed on the table in bold. The contents in the table are printed in normal font (not bold). Tables use only horizontal lines (horizontal borders)
    8. Bibliography the last 10 years, minimum 12 referencees. APA Style