Journal History

Jurnal Media Akuntansi (Mediasi) is the Journal of Accounting Economics with specialization in Accounting, Auditing and Taxing. Published 2 times a year for the period September and March by the Accounting Study Program of the Faculty of Economics And Business, PGRI University of Palembang, with print ISSN 2685-6530. However, the archives stored online at OJS start from Volume 1 No. 1 September 2018. Since Volume 2 No. March 2, 2020, this journal has been registered at E-ISSN 2722-5577 online. The journal also underwent one change in the editorial board and reviewers. Starting Volume 3 No. September 1, 2020, the journal template underwent minor changes such as the addition of the journal logo and URL on the first page header of each article and the license logo in the footer.