Author Guidelines

Manuscript Requirements :

  1. Articles discuss mathematics education research, mathematics learning, mathematics learning innovation, theoretical study of mathematics education, the use of information technology in mathematics learning, and evaluation of mathematics education.
  2. Articles can be research or non-research results.
  3. The article has never been published by another journal and is not currently being submitted for publication in another journal.
  4. Articles do not contain plagiarism as evidenced by a written statement from the author. If it contains plagiarism, the article will be rejected.
  5. Articles can be written in Indonesian or English.
  6. Specifically for bibliography, to avoid plagiarism, to check the correctness of quotations in the text (author's name, year of writing, location of pages if any), with bibliography written at the end of the article.
  7. Manuscripts that do not comply with the writing guidelines will be returned to the author before the editing process.
  8. The editor has the right to edit articles for improvement, simplification of ambiguous language, and layout settings, without changing the meaning of the text. However, for repairs that are very basic and risky, the editor will return it to the author to be repaired and sent back.
  9. Manuscripts must be submitted through the Online Submission System using the Open Journal System (OJS) on the Indiktika journal web.
  10. The author must register first in the Register section.
  11. Authors who have not been able to send the manuscript through OJS, the manuscript can also be sent via email
  12. The author guidelines can be download on the indicative web.
  13. For the June issue of the publication, acceptance of the final manuscript on April 1st. As for the December issue publication, receipt of the final manuscript on October 1st.
  14. The manuscript will be published in the Indiktika journal website.